a flow chart for finding romance

Fat Girl’s Guide to Finding Romance

By Savannah / March 15, 2019

Q. Dear Savannah,

I am 27 years old, 5’7” tall, and weigh 125 pounds. I’ve only ever had one boyfriend (we broke up after just a few weeks), and I know this is because I’m so obese. Although I’m a (reasonably) attractive brunette, have a master’s degree and a good-paying job, love sports, and have a good sense of humor, men just can’t seem to look beyond my weight problem.

I’ve become very depressed about this, and I wonder: am I destined to be an old maid?

Evelyn in Wyoming

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Hire Yourself a Last-Minute Groom

By Savannah / January 21, 2001

Editor’s note: Back in the days when Yahoo! ruled internet search and AOL sent a CD to every man, woman, and child in America to entice them “dial up” their internet service, Savannah was dishing “advice” – like this selection […]

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